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Anessa and I have been friends for years and we always aim to do a bunch of creative photoshoots each year. When she came to me this year with a list of shoots she wanted to do I was completely on board. These shoots keep me on my toes and keep me creative. Sometimes its something you need away from your normal day to day job. This was our first summer shoot and I can’t wait to share how you guys can accomplish these awesome shoots from your own home. Below is how we were able to pull this off on a very hot and humid summer day.

Step 1: Lay out your drop cloth canvas on the floor somewhere you can get dirty. I did mine in the backyard. In the past I have used my driveway or garage.

Step 2:  Pick the colors you want to be prominent in the backdrop and make sure you do those last.

Step 3:  Pick up the paint brush and start throwing paint onto the canvas. If you want it to look like paint splatter and not a pattern just wing it. If you want to add thicker lines make sure to let those dry before moving on to the next color.

Step 4: Let the canvas dry for a few hours before moving or folding it.

On the day of the photoshoot make sure to use the body paint on your model not the paint you used on your canvas. This way it wont hurt yours or the model’s skin and will be easier to remove.

The most important step of all is to have fun.

Set up your camera to face the model, make sure your settings are right and prepare to click the shutter fast if you plan to throw paint on your model.

Remember have fun!

Items to buy:
Drop cloth canvas
Paint for canvas
Paint brushes
Body paint
White t – shirt

If you need help finding the items, here are the ones we used below.

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