My Everyday Favorites

With the crazy busy life I have I always have certain things that are my go to's. I often switch it up from time to time or every season but these things keep me focused, creative, and organized. 

I'm a 30 -year-old creative living in Grand Rapids, Michigan

My love for helping people and being creative has led me to be a multi-faceted business entrepreneur.

I am the CEO/Founder a charity in West Michigan called Maguire's Purpose, content creator, social media expert, commercial photographer and so much more.

This blog & website has become my new space to be able to share all that I do and have learned along the way to help and inspire others.

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My Favorite Tools For Your Biz

Every business owner sticks to what works for them. For me I often like to switch things up but lately these are top of my list for making my days run smoother.


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From years of working in marketing I have noticed that Flodesk is the best option for email marketing.

While working I often have multiple projects to manage at a time. Trello has helped keep all of my to do's and checklists all in one place that can easily be shared with my team.

i need it!

i need it!

google workspace

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This is has been my go to keeping me organized with emails and projects.

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After years of making my graphics on photoshop canvas has saved me so much time and is quick and easy to do on the go.

i need it!

i need it!

Currently on My Bookshelf

Reading is a big part of my morning routine. I spend 15 to 30 minutes every morning reading from my current book. Over the past year I have read over 30 books and my reading list is ever growing. I love a wide variety of genres. From mystery thrillers to self development books and everything in between. Here are my current favorites:

my go-to for my office

Portable Phone Tripod

Dry Erase Wall Calendar

Multi pack blue light glasses

Desk Organizer

Since being on my phone is a big part of my job this portable phone tripod helps me keep my photos and videos consistent.

I keep 2 hung on my office wall. Perfect size to make sure I have 2 months planned out in advance.

Staring at the computer all day can hurt your eyes and the blue light glasses help prevent headaches and eye strain.

Right now I need to keep my desk as clutter free as possible and this desk organizer helps keep things organized.

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go-to beauty routine

Vanity Planet Facial Cleanser

cerave facial cleanser

under eye collagen patches

jade roller

collagen peptides

ice roller

fav getaways


traverse city, MI

One of the many cities along Lake Michigan. Best known for their vineyards, golf courses and summer travel destination.


chicago, il

One of the United States largest cities. Popular for most tourists. They have the best coffee shops, weekend getaway options and activities.


charleston, sc

One of my favorite all year round travel destination. From the beautiful houses, amazing food and shoreline you can spend a week exploring this amazing place.

Podcasts I Love

the jasmine star show

crime junkie

A conversational business podcast that explores what it really means to turn your passion into profits.

If you can never get enough of true crime like me you have to listen to this podcast.

i need it!

i need it!

drama queens

my darling diary

Take yourself back in time, back to high school and relive watching your favorite teen drama with One Tree Hill’s leading ladies.

Jess is a distinctive voice on social media encouraging women to focus on their hearts.

i need it!

i need it!

staying cute while getting fit

Marble leggings

women's running sneakers

high waisted biker shorts

3 pack sports bra

Wearing fun workout leggings and looking cute gives you a good motivation to kill it in your workout.

White shoes can be risky but these are the most comfortable shoes for working out, traveling and everyday wear.

For summer workouts at home or outdoors these are my favorite pair of shorts to wear. 

Good quality 3 variety pack sports bras and perfect for any type of workout.

staying fit at home


resistance band set

These have really helped me in my current workout routine


lightweight dumbell set

This light set is perfect for any workout routine and the best for new beginners.


indoor cycling bike

This has been my favorite purchase of 2020. It is the perfect size and fits in just about any room. 

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