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April 1st I am starting 75 Hard ✨ My Way ✨

I have completed the original 75 hard 2 times before and loved it but when I was done I realized the rules didn’t really fit my everyday lifestyle so I wanted to create a similar challenge but ✨ My Way ✨.

This way I can make sure that the rules are sustainable after I have completed the challenge. Spring is the perfect time to start this challenge. The weather won’t be too intense or hot. Summer won’t get in the way and I will be more motivated to get in the best shape ever by Summer.

I always say don’t push yourself on the original challenge – I have seen too many make themselves sick trying to do everything to a T and its not fair that they basically fail the challenge after that.

Want to join me? These rules are sustainable to me and hopefully if you join me you too. Don’t be afraid to change up the rules to fit your lifestyle!

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