75 Hard Goals

Health + Fitness

Today is April 1st and Day 1 of 75 hard My Way –

Each challenge obviously has its rules but I have some personal goals I threw into the mix to focus on and create ever lasting habits.

To Do:

Meal plan 2 weeks in advance 

Make grocery list for week/month 

Prep all veggies & protein

Make freezer meals that will be easy to grab when I run out of ideas

Make workout plan 

Added Goals I have: 

  • More Veggies
  • Limit carb intake (noodles, rice & tortillas, homemade bread) 
  • More protein
  • 100oz of water
  • Increase daily fiber
  • Vitamins daily 

Food sensitivity results:

Green pea, Rye, Yogurt, Wheat, Brown rice, Chia seeds, Corn


Lactose intolerance, Coconut, Almonds, All Fish minus Tuna 

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