My Weekly Planning


When I started my business I often got the question of what does your schedule look like. Did I do something similar before taking the leap into being a work from home entrepreneur?

6 years ago I quit my full time retail management job to follow my dream of owning my own business, being my own boss and making my own schedule.

Working from home doesn’t look like a normal 9 to 5. Nor did I play it to look this way. Working from home never looks the same.

After 6 years I learned a few key things. Keeping my days organized with time blocking, having a really good morning routine and night routine. (Each routine will have their individual blog post to explain a more in depth idea of what my routines look like to help you decide what works best for you).

First year was an absolute mess, I never had a schedule and would get so off track. I quickly realized taking one day each weekend (Sunday’s) to plan the next week ahead helped me tremendously. I wouldn’t be stressed, everything would be organized and each task got done on time.

How I schedule my weeks:

I am a planner, organizer and have a little bit of OCD when it comes to calendars. I have 2 white board calendars hanging on my wall, a mini calendar on my desk and utilize every inch of my google calendar.

This is how my Sunday’s look like. I’ll sit down at my desk with my coffee and make sure every appointment, meeting, shoot, and travel plan is the first thing I schedule for the week. That way I know what times to work around when it comes to blogging, editing, running errands and more. I always make sure to have most of my important dates scheduled on my 2 months calendars on the wall.

Time blocking is the next best thing when it comes to planning. I set a time in the morning to do a full morning routine. I then plan out how long I want to work for the day. After that I block each time for each specific task that I need to complete that day.

I think the biggest mistake people make whether they work for themselves or not, is thinking they have all this time on their hands, so they just start doing things randomly and not at a set time. The problem with that is, it can lead to a lot of wasted time and not a lot of progress with very easy distractions being home.

Each week is different but here are some main keys of what I need to do each day:
Mondays: Admin day – Reserved for appointments, zoom calls/meetings and answering emails
Tuesdays: Content creation day (Shoot new content, make content for other accounts or plan posts for the week)
Wednesdays: Prepping blog posts for the next week, pull outfits, keep up with my challenge groups
Thursdays: Tie up and loose ends with clients, schedule social media posts, and do edits
Fridays: Finish all tasks that will help make next week less stressful
Sundays: Time blocking day for the week ahead
Weekends: I keep my Saturday’s completely work free. I will often look at my phone and keep up with social media but I don’t answer emails or do anything other work related.

As you’re reading this I hope you don’t think that your life or schedule should look exactly like mine. It took me a while to find my pace and what worked for me and my business. Nobody’s perfect and no two businesses are the same. Take your time in learning, try new things, do trial and error of what works for you. It’s not about perfection but progress and not burning yourself out. 

Non work related list of things I prioritize each week:
+ Workouts: 5 days a week, usually early mornings, keeping up with a work out program or switching it up based on the season
+ Water: I try to drink half my body weight in water or completely drink my gallon water bottle
+ Meal prepping: I will meal prep one meal for each night of the week on Sunday’s
+ Staying healthy: Try to cook at home, eat healthy and avoid fast food
+ Morning routine: During the week my days start at 6am on weekends I give myself 2 hours to sleep in
+ Challenges: Keep up with any challenge I may be trying to complete (Currently doing a 100 day health and fitness challenge with a group of girls)
+ Reading: In my morning routine I like to read for 15-30 minutes every day to get my brain moving too
+ Vitamins: I make sure to take my morning vitamins and meds at the same time each day
+ Coffee: I love my coffee but I try to limit it to 2 cups per day and my second cup is usually half calf

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