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After starting my health & fitness journey it has taken me a long time to get a normal routine down. One that I can keep up with and still be motivated to get out of bed each morning to complete each workout.

Though I have this set in stone there are days where I fall off the wagon. I get tired or my body just needs to rest. Making the decision to miss a workout or switch your routine won’t ruin your progress.

I stopped thinking of workouts as something I had to do and started looking at how it made me feel afterwards. Working out gives me so much energy, makes me feel strong and ready to conquer the day.

My biggest motivators are usually easy to switch up but here’s what has been working for me:

Drinking lots of water – I love coffee so much and I would often forget to drink my water. I started to make it a goal to drink a gallon of water a day. I went on Amazon and bought one that had a tracker. Filled it every morning and set an alarm on my phone to make sure I met each goal.

Nutrition – When I started eating differently I needed to meal prep and make a schedule to help me stay on track. Eating more fruits and vegetables, avoiding fast food and trying to cook more at home.

Keeping up with my schedule – When it comes to workouts, to keep me motivated I made a schedule for each month. I picked workouts that worked for me and wrote them out on different days. I decided to aim for walking a mile everyday no matter what. Since I sit at my desk a lot during the day I needed to keep moving and that was a good goal for me. Consistency is key in keeping you on track, Remember that.

Fun and Upbeat playlist or Motivational Podcast – I can’t workout in silence. So I always have a music playlist, a new podcast, or a motivational book on while I work out.

Fun, Fresh & New Gear – Wearing cool and fun workout clothes has definitely helped. I have so many leggings, sports bras, shirts and tennis shoes. My collection is ever growing and the perfect outfit motivates me more than ever. Oftentimes I will wear athleisure clothes as much as I can get away with it.

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