Money March


“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

The next 30 days I will be changing all my spending habits. I am hoping this challenge will be the jump start to how I view money in the future. Most people already know I do NOT like spending money. When I buy a big purchase I have a hard time swiping my card, but after looking through my amazon account last year and seeing what I spent in 2023 I realized I was NOT ok with spending big amounts of money but accumulated a lot of little purchases that I probably had no use for or at the time didn’t need.

2023 I really took advantage of easy buying like door dash, fast food, or buying out of convenience.

So this year I needed a bit of an adjustment. Time to start saving, and getting back to the basics. Back to my homestead era. Cooking from scratch, storing, gardening etc.

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