January’s Featured Charity – Family Hope Foundation

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In early 2020 I saw an ad for a local event where a charity in West Michigan would host private screenings at a local theater for families with children that have special needs. I was intrigued by the foundation so I did some research. 

I was able to reach out to Jane and see if there were ways I could help their amazing foundation. After being able to help with some of their marketing early 2020 and then being on Team Hope during their Giving Tuesday fundraiser last year I have fallen in love with what they are able to do for our community. 

When choosing which charity to feature each month from January to November I knew I had to include them. And what better way to start off the year then introduce the Family Hope Foundation.

“Giving the Gift of Ability”

Their mission statement: Family Hope Foundation invests in children with special needs through family support, engaging community experts, advocacy through collaboration, and financial assistance to provide access to therapies.

Jane was kind enough to do a virtual interview with me so that I could get as much information out to you guys as possible. Here are some things we talked about.

Tell me a little bit about Family Hope Foundation?

Founded in 2009, Family Hope Foundation was created by a group of parents of children with special needs, who experienced the difference it makes to their child and their entire family when there is a solid support system in place. Family Hope Foundation serves the West Michigan area. Our diverse and committed board is made up of field professionals, educators, parents of children with special needs, and community and business leaders driven to make a difference.

Family Hope Foundation is an established non-profit organization providing resources, activities, support, and funding for therapies to families of children with special needs in West Michigan. Those needs may be physical, emotional, or developmental. Our premise is simple: each child deserves the chance to reach their highest potential. Children with special needs can grow, change, learn, connect and be happy members of their family. They can succeed – if the community nurtures their abilities and creates an atmosphere for success.

Who does the Family Hope Foundation help most?

We serve those in the West Michigan area. Those in need can apply for our yearly scholarships. Our therapy scholarship program helps children with special needs get access to therapy with limited or no insurance coverage. Our organization strives to support all families in their search to enhance their child’s ability and potential. There are no other organizations providing scholarships and support for all types of special needs.

Via their website you can check out their resource section that has an extensive directory of therapy and support providers and a library of educational materials/activities to help those who need them.


Do you have annual events or fundraisers that people can get involved in?

Our annual fundraiser is our biggest one of the year, Giving Tuesday the first Tuesday in December. Last year we set the bar low not knowing what we’d experience after the pandemic started but were overwhelmed with support from the community. This year we hope to go bigger and expand our reach and help so many more families.

They also offer events that are designed to reduce stress and can be found on their events page on their website.


You can get involved too, reach out to Family Hope Foundation or look for their annual fundraiser on Facebook this winter.

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