“My happiness isn’t based on how much I have, but how much I give!”

My dream has always been to start a non profit organization in my hometown and after 2020 I thought it was the perfect time to start my dream to help those in the special needs community in West Michigan. Maguire’s Purpose is that dream come true!

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My younger sister Maguire was diagnosed with Autism at a very young age. While growing up, kids around me weren’t really sure what Autism was, so I took upon myself to learn more about it by raising money and volunteering for local charities and school programs. 

I became an Autism Advocate in my early 20s, and 3 years ago started focusing on helping charities and non profits more closely by taking over their
marketing department.  After the pandemic hit, I was able to help more charities virtually all around the world. Now I am taking the leap in starting my own non profit named after my sister and our goal is to help one person at a time.

how i got started

Maguire’s Purpose mission is to help “one person at a time.” We recognize that everybody’s needs are different and with each task we do we aim to give them a better quality of life. By focus on helping kids and adults with special needs within the West Michigan community.

Maguire’s Purpose was founded by Samantha Robbins, Maguire’s older sister and Autism advocate! It was created based on the premise that family is everything and family sticks together to support one another. Our core values are family, purpose and acceptance. We believe that each person should feel welcome and accepted into this world. We are founded by a family and we will continue to add to our little family as we grow. Our purpose is to help our community through events, fundraisers and so much more.

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what's new with maguire's purpose?

Coming Soon...

We are going on year 2 for Maguire's Purpose and are thriving.  In this section is where we will be updating you on what we have coming up, how you can get involved and so much more.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or advisory board member for MP and want to help us with our upcoming events please contact us asap. 2024 is going to be a year full of opportunities to get involved.

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Join us as we help one person at a time!

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